IQ-NEXUS proven, demonstrated experience allows the firm to provide clients with unmatched company management services.

IQ-NEXUS is a boutique firm specialised in providing company management services. We give our clients the dedication and personal oversight needed to flourish. IQ-NEXUS is fully independent and management owned.

Partners and staff of IQ-NEXUS are BIG4-alumni. IQ-NEXUS provides its clients with a 360° view, covering all relevant legal, tax and accounting aspects of having a Dutch company within a wider group of companies. IQ-NEXUS tailors its services to the specific needs of its clients. We work at the highest professional and ethical standards.

IQ-NEXUS serves the high-end of the corporate market. IQ-NEXUS’ clients understand the benefits of our boutique approach and especially appreciate the personal relationship and our high level of responsiveness.

Contact IQ-NEXUS

+31 (0)88 4763900

Office address:

Blaak 40
3011 TA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Postal address:

P.O. Box 50502
3007 JA Rotterdam
The Netherlands